Securing your future

Aged care

When the time comes to help a loved one into an aged care facility, it can be confusing and emotionally challenging for everyone involved.

Family members want the best care for their loved ones, but the practical issues also need to be considered. Will their cash flow support their care needs now and in the future?  Will their pension entitlements be impacted? Will the family home need to be sold? 

Helping clients transition smoothly into aged care

Progressive Financial Solutions have Aged Care Specialist Financial Advisers who can help residents understand the true cost of aged care through:

  • explaining the financial impact of the relevant fees and charges and determining those that are applicable to you
  • evaluating the facility fees and charges, and minimising them where possible
  • ensuring you maximise your Centrelink/DVA entitlements and assist with claiming potential entitlements
  • developing a plan to ensure your money will last, allowing you to afford care in the long term
  • considering whether to retain or sell your home to obtain capital to pay for the aged care facility
  • presenting you with the options available so that you can make an informed decision

Start planning now

A Progressive Financial Solutions Pty Ltd financial adviser can help you put the appropriate strategies in place to maximise your entitlements and minimise fees where possible. Please call 03-9600 9052 for a cost and obligation free initial appointment.